National Nutrition Month 2016

National Nutrition Month 2016

Atlanta dentist on March (Nutrition) Madness!

While it may be a little too late to qualify for a “New Year’s Resolution” diet- your Atlanta dentist wants you to know it is never too late to change the way you eat! This coming March marks another National Nutrition Month, where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics try to make everyday people more aware of what they eat and drink on a daily basis. We wanted to do our part today to let you know how your nutrition can impact your oral health in particular.

It is safe to say that most people aren’t thinking about oral health as soon as they eat something. They may consider how it tastes…smells…what it will do to their waistline and a whole load of other thoughts before the damage it can do to a smile. Even the small things, or supposedly healthy ones, such as “diet” products or a little lemon, can slide under the radar completely.

Items high in acid content (like those above) or especially sugary ones can lead to all sorts of dental detriments. Cavities, gum disease, lost teeth- you name it, and it is possible from your diet alone. Without being overly pessimistic, there are a whole group of things that can do your oral health good too.

Yes, milk, albeit a cliché- can do your mouth good. It, along with whole grain and wheat foods and more, contain vitamins and nutrients that not only improve your overall health- but the health of your mouth too. Many fruits and vegetables can also deliver mouth-saving blasts of vitamins and nutrients that ward off bacteria, whiten your smile and keep you healthy.

As with many things in the world of food and drink, there is a fine line between just enough and too much. The world won’t end if you have a soda every once and a while, but if you have a few a day, your mouth and body may not be thanking you for it in due time. Being aware of the difference between these two realities and knowing what it is you put in your body is the main National Nutrition Month- and we hope you stay vigilant of your diet not only through March but year-round as well.

For more information on National Nutrition Month as it relates to your oral health, call the office of your Atlanta dentist today at (770) 777-0808 to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Ed Trizzino Dr. Trizzino is passionate about providing the highest quality dentistry in a friendly, caring environment. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail result in restorations that routinely outperforms the national averages. This longevity results in a sound return on your dental investment.

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