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Dr. Trizzino reconstructed my mouth, in 1975. This included braces, bridges and crowns. 41 years later, I still have the same work in my mouth and have never had any problems. I would recommend him to anyone. He does fantastic work, I couldn't ask for better. He has also worked on my husband, Walters, mouth. Treating him for gum disease, bridges and crowns. We hope to continue seeing Dr Trizzino for years to come.

- Betty Barton via Facebook

It was mid-April 1988. I was standing in the middle of the computer room holding the entire right side of my face in my hand, grimacing.

“I have some Tylenol if you want some,” the lead operator said.

“I’ve taken four already, but they haven’t done any good,” I replied.

“You need to see a dentist,” he suggested.

“I’ve seen three in the last year and none of them can find anything wrong. It doesn’t hurt but about one day a month, but when it hurts it hurts! I wish I knew someone who did a good job of making dentures, I’d have a set of my mouth in a heartbeat.”

“My wife had a set put in about six months ago and has had not one minute’s trouble with them.” Before he had finished speaking, I had my pen in my hand and was reaching for a piece of paper. “How do I get in touch with this person?” I asked. “I’ll give you his card, his name is Trizzino,” he said.

I filled out the customary form and was just settling down with a magazine when a lady opened a door and called my name. After I was seated in a dentist’s chair, a man walked in. He gave me a big smile, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Ed Trizzino, I see you want to have a set of dentures made, what are your symptoms?”

I went through the entire litany: wisdom teeth that had to be broken to get them out, periodontal surgery, root canals, fillings that came out, crowns that didn’t fit and now this problem which nobody could even diagnose.

“Let me have a look,” he said and started poking around on my teeth. In less than five minutes he had found the elusive problem: a hairline crack in one of my upper teeth.

He had a plan. First we would have to extract the four teeth that could not be saved. He would then do a “deep cleaning” on the remaining 24 and go from there.

A lengthy discussion ensued with me extolling the virtues of dentures (can make them pearly white, don’t have to have root canals, don’t get “set on edge” by ice cream and/or coffee, etc.) and he pointing out all the disadvantages of dentures and extolling the virtues of “real” teeth.

I had heard all of that before and was buying none of it; all I wanted was something in my mouth that would chew food and not hurt. I played my trump card: “all that’s going to happen is that I am going to spend a lot of money trying to salvage these teeth and finally spend a lot more for a set of dentures that I will have to have anyway.”

Without the slightest pause, he replied, “If that happens I will give you full credit for everything you have spent up to that point on the dentures.” A long silence followed (maybe 30 seconds) while I considered what I stood to gain against what I stood to lose. I accepted his offer.

It is now December 2005. I still have my 24 teeth. I have had only one toothache, and Dr. Trizzino fixed that one quickly. I eat ice cream (sugar-free, of course) and drink hot beverages in complete comfort. My teeth are not even and have a lot of exposed roots, thus presenting a challenge to keep clean, but using the techniques Dr. Trizzino has shown me, my teeth feel and look good.

At my last checkup, Dr. Trizzino informed me that my teeth should be good for another 30 years. Since I am now 69 I suppose that means he is planning to give me my free dentures for my 100th birthday.

- Jim Tate

I can not possibly tell you how much Dr. Trizzino has done for me. Yes, he is a dentist but he is also a wonderful person. I had been in a terrible auto accident that crippled my family. In the beginning, I prayed for a way to get help with my teeth. I had no money, and the pain was excruciating. Then I met Dr. Trizzino.

That was about ten years ago.

On this particular day, my two sons were seeing a pediatric dentist for routine cleanings while I waited for them in a common area shared by several dentists. Word got to Dr. Trizzino that a mom in the waiting room was in serious pain. Somehow, I ended up in Dr. T’s chair; and somehow my financial situation didn’t even matter to him.

Dr. Trizzino said then and there that he was going to give me something to smile about that could last a very long time – that is, if I would just show up for my appointments on time and follow his hygiene regiment.

That was Day-1 of a very long journey of oral reconstruction.
Dr. Trizzino was gentle and kind to this ole coward, and soon made a very special place in my heart.

Dr. T took it upon himself to put my mouth back together. I know there were people more deserving of his generosity than I was. And a day doesn’t go by that I don’t thank God for sending me my angel in a lab coat who wears those funny magnification glasses – “Dr. T” is what I call him.

- Mary Ellen Sechler


I met Dr. Trizzino many years ago at my then current dentist’s office. My dentist moved [and] Dr. Trizzino was already in that practice and saw me for my next check up.

I was driving quite a distance for excellent service. At this point, I realized I had a decision to make; find a dentist closer to home, or continue the drive with a new dentist.

Well, Dr. Trizzino seemed to take exceptional interest in my dental health, and I liked his frankness. He would eventually tell me that periodontal work was necessary. Ouch! He referred me to a competent periodontist and eventually, we were on the way. This ultimately led to cosmetic surgery that I had never considered but am happy that I did.

Growing up in the 1950’s, my family did not practice dental hygiene that is so common today. In fact, until I was in my teens, we kids went to the dentist for a reason: to take care of the immense pain we were experiencing. Going for a check up was out of the question.

Read about Louise's case study
At some point, I became responsible for my own health matters and today, I faithfully book those twice a year appointments just to make sure everything is fine. Admittedly, it helps when the visit is also enjoyable. (What’s the word for “enjoyable” when describing a dental exam?)

Now back to that cosmetic surgery! I smile a lot. I also have teeny teeth for an adult, revealing a lot of gum with each smile. It was also apparent I had crowns from several dentists over a long period of time. Dr. Trizzino recommended a crown lengthening procedure with new crowns.

I now have a beautiful, natural smile. Seeing larger, more uniform teeth is gratifying. The procedure sounded frightening and painful. Actually, it was neither. It was well worth the extra time, effort and expense since gum surgery was already necessary.

Dr. Trizzino is a perfectionist, and he admits it! He is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best, healthy smile through education, knowledge and expertise. He aligns himself with external specialists to ensure the best results. Smiles of Atlanta has quite an impressive staff. They are all professional, courteous and have his same sense of pride in their work.

If you are reading this, you are likely searching for a great dentist. You owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Trizzino.

One last thing… Dr. Trizzino went above and beyond the call of duty when he moved his practice to Alpharetta, now less than 10 minutes from my home. The former practice was 30 minutes away. Now, that is service!

- Louise Robinson


Communication, Communication, Communication …

… is what it takes to have a great team of Dental Professionals.

Combining art and science is also what it takes to mimic Mother Nature. Working with Dr. Edward Trizzino has definitely been a Dream Team Experience, providing quality and esthetics to all patients who visit his office.

I’m honored to be a team member!

Ray Bernal
Owner and Lab Technician


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