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At Home Atmosphere


What is an at-home atmosphere?

We at Smiles of Atlanta have adopted the assumption that everyone "hates to go to the dentist". For this reason, our philosophy has become: "Make the patient feel like they are at home." This may sound like an exercise in futility, and we realize, of course, that everyone does not have this aversion, but why not treat everyone as if they do? We want you to enjoy your visit with us, so we have provided many diversions to make that a reality. To that end. Here are some of the distractions you will find in our office:

Friendly Caring Team

Ceiling and chair mounted TV monitors in our rooms can "take you away" if you choose. You can watch our many channels of Direct TV service.

For your listening pleasure, we have several options. Headphones may be used, or you could choose the ambient atmosphere in the entire room by making your music selection. You may choose from Pandora station or any group of songs you wish to hear.

Also available is Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if you are a little apprehensive or nervous.

We will make sure your visit is a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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