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Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Genetic discrepancies and or deferred maintenance that has gone on so long sometimes requires the entire upper and or lower teeth to be restored to regain esthetics and proper function.

These type of cases sometimes require first treating emergency pain, extraction of hopeless teeth, caries control (temporary restorations)followed by periodontal, orthodontic and or implant therapy before the final restorative phase can even be started. These complicated cases are done in phases and sometimes over a long period of time. There are no short cuts taken in our office because we are interested in restoring your oral health for a lifetime. For those patient that are already wearing dentures or find themselves with no alternative treatment but extractions of remaining teeth we do offer hybrid teeth replacements. This treatment utilize 5 to 7 implants per arch to permanently support your new teeth. You the patient do not remove these applicances and we are able to regain not only function but also restore your youthful smile.

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