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Exceptional Value


Exceptional Value

Smiles of Atlanta team are proud to say that their dentistry routinely outlasts national averages. This translates into exceptional value because dental work is not needing to be redone as often. Having anything done at a mediocre level will alway cost more, in the long run, no matter what service you receive.

The problem comes with how do you know if the dental team is striving for excellence or mediocrity. Some questions that Dr. Trizzino thinks are important are
1. Do you see the Dentist first or am I immediately seen by the Hygienist?
2. How long is my comprehensive exam scheduled for?
3. Who will and how long will they take to educate you on how to prevent dental disease?
4. Does the Dentist wear some sort of magnification glasses?
5. Do they have the newest technology that allows them to provide the best longest lasting dentistry?
6. Does the Dentist operate out of multiple rooms at the same time or is it like at Smiles of Atlanta were only one patient is seen at a time?
7. Does the office practice Holistic dentistry?
8. Does the Dentist desire to be part of your health care team concerned with your overall care or do they want to just take care of your teeth?

Feel free to call Smiles of Atlanta if you do not know the answers to these important questions.

Patients realize that the best value is always to prevent rather then treat dental disease. For this to happen, teaching prevention must be one of your dental office top priorities. Clearly it is not enough just to say "brush and floss better." This assumes that statement will some how motivate them. It also assumes they already know the correct and most effective way to brush and floss. Dr. Trizzino knows from his own experience that behavior changes are never easy, no matter how intellectually correct they are.

The entire team at Smiles of Atlanta know that the amount of time spent on a service is usually in direct proportion to how important the issue is and the quality of the end product provided. Dr Trizzino is so passionate about prevention that he personally take the time to give every new patient oral hygiene instructions (OHI) at no charge.
Dr. Trizzino personally spends one-hour doing a comprehensive new patient exam. How can a dentist learn your family history, fears, desires, and thoroughly diagnose your dental issues with a ten-minute exam after your teeth have been cleaned by the hygienist? He uses personal magnification glasses, intraoral camera, digital x-rays to best diagnose his patients' needs. Use of computer-assisted educational program allows patients to get involved and to see exactly what is really going on in relation to their own dental health. The time invested and the use of new technology has dramatically helped patients truly make those necessary behavioral changes to prevent rather than have continued dental treatment.

New advances in dental technology give dentists the added tools to provide a higher level of quality care. This not only benefits the dentists that are striving for excellence but also benefits the patient by receiving better dental care, which translates again to dental work that lasts longer and is, therefore, a much better value. It’s better to have any work done correctly once – than three times poorly.

New technology offers the dentist new and powerful tools to diagnose and treat various dental problems sooner and with virtually no discomfort to the patient. Similar advances in medicine have occurred with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT Scan (Computer Tomography) that pushed technology far beyond various conventional x-rays. Although conventional x-rays are much less expensive, it is obvious that the educated consumer would choose the newer technology MRI or CT Scan to diagnosis a serious ailment such as a brain tumor.

Choosing newer technology to diagnose and treat oral health problems or for cosmetic procedures should be no different. The advantages of technology become clear when the patient understands the significant advances in the dental field, such as laser caries detector, digital computerizes x-rays, computer-assisted anesthetic machines, computer-driven education systems, soft-tissue lasers, and the advances in dental materials.

To achieve beautiful long-lasting esthetic dental work the entire team understands and is committed to integrity, education to achieve the highest technical skill level possible

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