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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Learn the Importance of Family Dentistry from your Family Dentist in Atlanta, GA
When it comes to your family, you want everyone to have top oral and dental health. The best option for your family is to find a dentist that offers numerous services for family members of all ages. There are countless benefits to going to one family dentistry that can take care of your smile, as well as your children’s.

The key to top quality dentistry is prevention. There are several procedures that are available at a family dentistry that includes cleanings, exams, x-rays, and other common dental work to ensure that your smile is healthy. According to the American Dental Association, it is highly recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year for routine check-ups and cleanings. If you’re not taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day and keeping up with your visits, you’re putting your smile at risk.

If you don’t make a point to visit our family dentistry, you could suffer from the following symptoms:
· Bad breath
· Cavities
· Toothaches
· Stained
· Tooth decay
· Weak or loose teeth
· Tooth loss

These are only some of the things that a patient can suffer from if they don’t regularly visit the dentist. Your smile is more sensitive and unique than you may think, so it’s important to know if your teeth are in any risk of problems or concerns.

How You Can Help Educate about Family Dentistry
While the steps to proper oral hygiene are well known, many people may not understand how beneficial it is for you and your family to keep up with your dental care. Your teeth deserve to be treated with the best care around, so here are some helpful tips to maintain a healthy smile:

· Brush your teeth every morning and night
· Floss your teeth during your brushing routine
· Avoid foods and drinks that stain and weaken your teeth
· Schedule your visits to your family dentist in advance
· Share these tips with family, friends, and children

Take Your First Step Today – Schedule an Appointment with Smiles of Atlanta.

To get your smile on the right track, call us today to schedule your appointment for a routine cleaning and exam. We’re able to provide you with even more helpful information for your unique and individual smile so your teeth can shine for years to come. We proudly serve patients in Atlanta, Dunwoody & Sandy Springs, GA. 

Dr. Ed Trizzino Dr. Trizzino is passionate about providing the highest quality dentistry in a friendly, caring environment. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail result in restorations that routinely outperforms the national averages. This longevity results in a sound return on your dental investment.

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