Atlanta Dentist Staff

Meet Our Friendly Atlanta, GA Dental Office Staff

The first thing you'll notice when you walk into our Atlanta family dental practice is the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. Members of our staff have been hand-picked to provide you the best possible experience during your visit to the dentist. Learn more about our team below.


Dr. Ed Trizzino

Dr. Trizzino is passionate about providing the highest quality dentistry in a friendly, caring environment. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail result in restorations that routinely outperforms the national averages. This longevity results in a sound return on your dental investment.

Perfect examples are Walter and Betty Barton (see pictures read their testimonial). Their full mouth restorations were finished over thirty-four years ago and yet, still function and look great. This is even more surprising given that the average life expectancy of crowns is less than ten years, and most insurance companies allow replacement every five to seven years. The bottom line has they received a great value. They saved tens of thousands of dollars by not having to replace their dental work numerous times. Dr. Trizzino’s commitment to his patients doesn’t stop at providing long-lasting, high-quality restorations. He believes that the key to having healthy teeth that last a lifetime is educating his patients about the importance of preventive care. Good systemic (total body) health provides the best chance to maintain great oral health. Nutritional and stress management are routinely discussed. He also believes in the Hippocratic Oath that states “Do no harm” To that end Dr. Trizzino has been using mercury-free restorations for over 25 years.

Dr. Trizzino has completed thousands of hours of continuing education and is skilled in the most advanced concepts and technologies available. He is revered for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry and has taught cosmetic veneer courses for a major dental company. His commitment to excellence was evident even in dental school. At Emory School of Dentistry, he graduated fourth in a class of one hundred students. Based on his commitment to excellence during his time at Emory, he was accepted into the Dental Honor Fraternity, OKU.

The Trizzino family has resided in Dunwoody for over twenty-five years. They attend the Northpoint Community Church pastored by Andy Stanley. Dr. Trizzino considers his practice to be faith-based, knows that God is his true boss, and has written several testimonials about his faith. Dr. Trizzino and his wife, Melissa – whom he still refers to as his bride – recently celebrated their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. They have four children, two Shelties, and two cats. He enjoys racquetball, tennis and golf.



Melissa, Dental Assistant


Melissa is a native peach and has worked in the Dental field for over thirty years. She is a great asset to the team because of her desire not only to providing quality care but to treat everyone as family. Her caring spirit and wonderful smile in contagious. She resides in Dunwoody, attends Passion City Church, avid animal lover, enjoys golf and tennis but enjoys spending quality time with her family the most. 
Diane, Front Desk
Diane is native of Montreal,Canada. She lived in Washington DC. area with her husband since 1983 and relocated to Atlanta to be closer to her son and grand son. She brings to the team 36 years of dental experience. Diane is passionate about being part of a team that provides excellent dentistry in an atmosphere dedicated to treating everyone like family. In her free time Diane enjoys good food, football, exercising, outdoor activities and spending time with her grand son Mason.