Dentist Atlanta Holistic Dentistry


Holistic dentistry offers patients quality dental care that not only positively affects their oral health but also improves their overall health. Total wellbeing is a priority for our dentistry. We focus on services that offer you optimal health by using biocompatible materials that work well with the chemistry in your body and minimally invasive procedures that do not harm the natural flow of your body’s healing process

One must never forget that our oral health can affect our overall systemic health and equally true is that our systemic health can affect our oral health. A quick review of the medical literature points out the reality that gum disease (a periodontal disease which is the leading cause why people lose their teeth) leads to increase heart attack and strokes. Those silver mercury filling (amalgams) in our teeth releases mercury and can cause numerous health issues. As with any heavy metal poisoning, it is sometimes very difficult to diagnose the exact cause with the negative medical issues. Lead which causes many of the same medical issues has been removed from all points. Why mercury has not been banned as well is a mystery to me. If lead is bad why would it be a good idea to have mercury in our body.

To that end, we stopped using mercury filling material over thirty years ago. In addition, the composite resin used in our fillings is BPA free, which may reduce the environmental and health impact of the false hormones believed to be found in plastic. When we do remove that type of filling we routinely use a combination of rubber dam (for isolation of those specific teeth) use of high volume suction while our patient is breathing oxygen using a nasal hood. This minimizes the chances of breathing in any mercury vapors during the removal stage. 


But should just doing that should be enough to claim that you are a Holistic Dentist?  


Dr. Trizzino thinks it is impossible to have optimum oral health if you totally ignore the systemic health of the patient. Therefore counseling for the need for proper nutrition, the significance of proper body temperature, proper body PH, need for D-3, Calcium, magnesium, K2 and probiotic supplements, possibility of detoxication, what dental material are compatible with your body all need to be considered. Open honest discussion about the pro's and con's of doing root canal therapy, implants and the type of materials used are discussed in detail. Without taking  the systemic component into account, Dentists could miss many health issues that could cause greater negative effects than just a safe removal of mercury/silver fillings.

Healthy teeth and oral structures give us the ability to eat, speak, and function comfortably in our daily lives. The health of our teeth is inextricably intertwined with our cognitive, respiratory, and cardiac health. Preventing malocclusion, or bad bite, with restorative dentistry, for example, protects your quality of sleep and reduces TMD-related migraines, earaches, and neck and shoulder pain. 

The question is, are you seeking someone to truly be part of health care team and are you presently going to a dentist that has the same goal?


At Smiles of Atlanta, we are committed as a team of trained and caring individuals to help you and your family to obtain and maintain the best optimal health.