World No Tobacco Day 2016

World No Tobacco Day 2016

Help Your Atlanta GA Dentist Spread the Word about World No Tobacco Day This Year!

Every year an estimated 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco related products worldwide. And although they are the most vilified, that is not just for cigarettes- that include pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco and other related products. To help smokers and non-smokers alike identify and take on this issue head on- the World Health Organization has named May 31st, 2016 “World No Tobacco Day.”

To do our part, today your Atlanta GA dentist wanted to review more about how tobacco can impact your oral health specifically. From sheer aesthetic issues to cancers, smoking any type of tobacco product can lead to:

-Discoloration of the teeth.
-Halitosis (chronic bad breath).
-More plaque and tartar building up on the teeth.
-Bone loss, tooth loss, and gum disease becoming more likely.
-Healing time following oral surgery becoming delayed.
-Dental implant placement being less-successful.
-Inflamed salivary glands.
-Increased risk of developing oral or other cancers.

Don’t fall victim to tobacco’s detrimental side effects.
For more information on World No Tobacco Day or to get more help quitting tobacco, you can visit the WHO’s site by clicking here.

If you have more questions about the impact of your smoking habit on your oral health, make sure to review details with your Atlanta GA dentist at your next visit. You can request an appointment by calling 770.777.0808 today!

Author Dr. Ed Trizzino Dr. Trizzino is passionate about providing the highest quality dentistry in a friendly, caring environment. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail result in restorations that routinely outperforms the national averages. This longevity results in a sound return on your dental investment.

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